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No more amnesia, no more apathy!

Resume of university students’ protests of December 2008

(A campaign of Bulgarian university students against the violence and corruption in Students’ City (the students’ campus quarter of capital city Sofia).

The facts for the time being:
Dec. 5th, 2008- a brutal murder of a 20-years old university student in a discothèque in Student’s city. As revealed further, none of the murders is inhabitant of the Students’ city, and just one of them studies by correspondence in NBU (New Bulgarian University)

- Dec. 12th 2008- A mourning procession in the Students’ city was initiated by Initiative Group of university students and NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations), with approximately 3000 students participating.

- Dec. 16th 2008

Round table was organized in the American College in the Students’ Campus. Representatives of all legal local authorities have been invited. Among all invited, only representatives of Ministry of Public Health attended.

Dec. 19th 2008 The university students continued searching for and insisting on dialogue with the government. A protest demonstration with approximately 1500 participants took place, starting from the Students’ Campus and –within approximately 3 hours- reaching the Parliament. At the Parliament, the students were shouting: “We are your children”, “Criminals- out of the Students’ Campus”, “Students’ campus – for the students”.

It is worth to mention that no damages were caused and no disorders were experienced during the protests on Dec. 12th and 19th.

Approximately 3 hours prior the students reach the Parliament building, The National Assembly uncommonly voted a break up of the Parliamentary sessions. This action was considered by the youth and by majority of society as a cynic gesture of ridicule with students’ trials to conduct a civil courteous dialog with authorities.

The youth planned new nation-wide protest on January 14th 2009, in response to the manifested arrogance and irresponsibility of the deputies to the National Assembly.

Dec. 22/23

Decision for establishing continuous video surveillance through the Student’s campus


Revealed issues and development

Under student pressure the category of the incrimination was changed by prosecutor’s office from the initially set “manslaughter” (unpremeditated murder due to imprudence and under the influence of alcohol) to “premeditated murder” (“murder in the 1st degree”. In case of manslaughter, the most probable judgment would be suspended sentence up to 5 years while the currently set type of incrimination is –as a rule- liable to significantly stronger verdict. This, along with the initiated and maintained publicity of this case, should lead to a verdict to serve as edification for any potential criminal in Bulgaria.
It was revealed that the discotheque which was the “scene of crime”, is non compliant with many legal requirements. On the TV the Head Architect of the Sofia municipality promised that within few days the night club will be closed and the building will be destroyed.

The Head Architect of the quarter to which the Students’ campus belongs, was fired. The legal reason for firing was set as “disciplinary”, and is in regard to suspected corruption considering the aforementioned illegal issues. The deputies to the National Assembly from the triple coalition manifested social, professional and personal irresponsibility which incited the negative attitude of the Bulgarian society against them.

The Bulgarian university students proved that the society powers are not asleep. They expressed and imparted the social indignation against the current situation in the country. They led by example the entire society, exercising their legal citizen right of protest, as a democracy attributive legal mean of enforcing the government to undertake socially desired changes and actions.

The interest and involvement of the local media was relatively slight. The “pieces of information” spread by the media regarding the protests, was inconsistent, e.g. “There were only 600 students participating in protest”, “Sofia blocked due to protest”, “Sofia under siege”, etc. Some media representatives admitted on public that they are under pressure.

An “End up the amnesia” campaign was initiated by several students who believe that the deputies to The National Assembly do not work in regard to their interests. They announced during the protest that a National Protest will take place on January 14, 2009, with the intention to reflect and express not only the students’ dissatisfaction of the political arrogance but also the dissatisfaction and will of entire society.

Let us end up the amnesia and apathy!

A change in political morality is demanded.

May the Bulgarian youth and the awaken Bulgarians bring this change.

Students’ protests on December 19, 2008- video

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